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I go by "Gina". I am seventeen years old and I am from Florida. Dancing is something i love to do. i also love good music. i love to talk. get to know me, or let me get to know you. :3


apparently “bae” means “before anyone else” i always thought it was a ghetto word for “babe”

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do u ever forget to sleep or eat or drink water or something and ur like “oh shit yeah I need that to live”

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sad? heartbroken? happy? suffering from an std? there’s a blink-182 song for that.

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when white boys make fun of girls getting drunk im kinda just like but have you seen white boys wasted. they start rapping and whispering into girls necks and start yelling racist shit to people on the street. when girls get wasted it just means we’re all super nice to each other in the bathroom and dance to beyonce

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[me drawing 7s with a little line through them to impress girls in the library]: hmm. what? yes, i always draw 7s like this. it’s normal for me.

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Where does your ankle… stop being your ankle???

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23. April 2014



image"but wait what is that?!"

so accurate it hurts

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a peaceful walk in the woods really relaxes me. the fact that I’m dragging a body should be irrelevant.

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